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APRIL 1, 2022


WiMCO Atlanta participated in International Data Center Day on March 24, 2021. We hosted a virtual coffee and careers chat to introduce all students to the exciting and growing data center industry. We had students from University of Georgia and Agness Scott College that attended the virtual event along with professionals in the industry. The event kicked off with an overview of data centers presented by Angie Coleman (TLC Engineering Solutions), which was followed a by a brief video on data center security. The event concluded with Q&A from the panel which consisted of Sarah Blue (QTS Data Centers), Adrienne Smith (DPR Construction), and Michelle Shepherd (Albireo Energy). They discussed topics such as the different roles/areas of work within a data center to the different classes and events that current students can attend. The panel was moderated by Sara Kablack (Albireo Energy). Five lucky registrants won a $25 Starbucks Gift card sponsored by CCI (Critical Components, Inc.)

Member Spotlight

Every quarter, WiMCO Atlanta will be featuring a different member. The member will be chosen from previous 7x24 and WiMCO events. Our first member spotlight is Hannah Carlson with Allison-Smith. She attended the WiMCO Atlanta International Data Center Day Event on March 24 and hoping to be able to attend the rest of the events this year. Check out Hannah’s member spotlight at https://7x24exchangeatl.org/wimco-link/

Upcoming Events

We have some exciting events planned for you this year. Below are just a few of the events we have coming up this quarter



May 11, 2011 - Joint Event - Sustainability in the Mission Critical Market Virtual Event


7X24 Chapter Meeting – TBD

WiMCO Networking Event – TBD