WiMCO Mission

Women in Mission Critical Operations (“WiMCO") is a community within the 7x24 Exchange Atlanta Chapter designed for specific outreach to women in the industry.  Our mission is to encourage strengthened engagement and participation of women as members, presenters, and attendees of Chapter events.  A primary  focus is placed on supporting the efforts of the Education Committee to market and recruit women into the MCO curriculum and the industry as a whole by attending job fairs, speaking engagements and promotional efforts via website and video.

  • Encourage greater participation, visibility and leadership from our female members
  • Educate and encourage additional women to enter the MCO industry.
  • Provide targeted industry networking opportunities for women.

Member of the Month


  •  Director of Business Development, Gensets
  •  Fibrebond

About Kim

Kim’s journey in mission critical infrastructure began 14 years ago in the wireless and telecommunications industry. Currently, she is the Director of Business Development GENSET Division for Fibrebond. Kim enjoys working alongside a high-performance team to build partnerships and provide superior solutions for clients. She especially loves seeing projects through from start to finish while looking for ways to add value to current and future relationships. If she wasn’t working in the mission critical industry, Kim would pursue a career in motivational speaking.

Director of Business Development, Gensets

WiMCO Board Members