Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

The Atlanta Chapter of the 7x24 Exchange welcomes corporate sponsorship of Chapter Events. We firmly believe that vendors and consultants in the Mission Critical industry are vital contributors to the ongoing exchange of information and are excellent resources for news about products and services.

If your company is interested in sponsoring an upcoming 7x24 Exchange Atlanta Chapter Event, please read the guidelines below and contact any member of our Executive Committee.

Sponsorship Guidelines

The 7x24 Exchange International and the 7x24 Exchange Atlanta Chapter do not endorse any specific product or service associated with a sponsoring organization and do not accept any liability for the use of any product or the acceptance of any service.

Sponsorship opportunities are available once per year per company and may take the form of providing a place to meet, providing refreshments, or cash contribution as outlined below.    For example, a sponsoring organization may offer to contribute towards the cost of a venue or refreshments.  Adult beverages are permitted.   Food may be hot, cold or catered. Food and drink must be pre-packaged or handled by professional food service or hospitality personnel. Any food and drink provided by a sponsoring organization shall be provided on a complimentary basis to meeting attendees.  Two (2) premium sponsorship opportunities are available for each meeting or event.  Premium sponsorship's are used to retain industry recognized speakers relevant to our mission.

The Chapter reserves the right to invite several vendors, owners and/or consultants to participate in the support of Chapter meetings.  If several organizations offer to participate, the Chapter will select the first offering organization as the sponsor for a particular event. Other offering organizations will be given the opportunity to sponsor events on a rotating basis.  Any vendor or consultant shall be limited to sponsoring one Chapter event per year. The Chapter will favor Owner's organizations who offer to host a meeting.  However, the hosting of a Chapter event at an Owner's location will not preclude a vendor or consultant from providing refreshments or other contributions.

In return for meeting support, the Chapter will allow the sponsoring organization up to fifteen minutes to speak about their product, service or expertise. The offer to support a meeting shall not be construed as a guarantee for a speaking opportunity; speakers are selected by the Board on the merits of their topic, the quality of the speaker, and on the topic's alignment with the Chapter's goals and industry trends.

In addition, a sponsoring organization may display a poster or sign, no larger than 30" x 42" in size, with information regarding that company's products, services, or expertise.  The sign shall not display the 7x24 Exchange logo or name in any manner.

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